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Becoming a supporter of BC Athlete Voice makes incredible business sense.

Here’s why:

  • We are very connected to a growing list of nearly 4000 BC athletes.
  • These athletes are between the ages of 14 and 30. From the grassroots to high performance level.
  • Our membership are leaders in their communities, connected and highly influential.
  • BC Athlete Voice is active in all major regions across British Columbia.
  • BC Athlete Voice runs events on a monthly basis in all of these regions.

For Marketing Managers / Directors:

  • We can segment our athlete list and talk directly to your core demographic.
  • We are very flexible and able to coordinate key messaging with your marketing campaigns.
  • Our web presence is dynamic and includes increased reach through our social media vehicles.
  • Our project list ranges between $500 and $20000 so we have a place for all supporters.

An example of our Social Media Success:

Facebook: We connect with our audience on Facebook in order to share stories, events and pictures.

In 2010, BC Athlete Voice ran a successful Facebook campaign called “Thumbs Up For Funding Sport”. The aim was to lobby all levels of government to continue supporting sport in British Columbia. Over the course of the campaign, we generated over 1600 “Likes”, and thousands more activities.